en espanol por favor

Spanish was my first language, but when I was growing up the school system was more concerned with integration/assimilation, and acculturation wasn’t even in vogue.  The first couple of years in school I was in ESL, but quickly transitioned to English only.  I never really appreciated Spanish as a child and my parents did not force me to speak.  In junior high and high school I took the other romance language – French.  In college I decided to take Spanish for Spanish Speakers.  Big mistake.  While I could speak it conversationally the written word is a whole different monster.  Needless to say I did poorly in the class and vowed never to take a Spanish Class again.  Recently, I have found myself wanting to have better knowledge of the language.  It’s rather sad for me when I attempt to speak to Spanish Speakers and they quickly revert from Spanish to English.  I started my free trial offer on spanishpod.com .  Maybe by the holidays mi espanol sera muy bien.


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