we regret to inform you….

Today I received an email stating that one of the companies I had interviewed with (a lengthy one at that) had hired another applicant.  While it can be disheartening when you have placed a lot of effort into researching the company, interviewing, and following up it is also a relief.  A relief because even though the company is amazing it was not the right place in the long run.  My active search for work is now on its 2nd month and at times it is difficult to feel optimistic.  What helps me immensely is having a strong network of friends and a very loving family.  Meditating a couple times a week doesn’t hurt either.

2 Responses to “we regret to inform you….”
  1. nick says:

    yeah right on. i like the attitude you have. i see you have a lot of friends on LI…hopefully that helps. you’ll find something perfect soon!

  2. Roberta Romero says:

    thank you, Nick!

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