How can you tell your interview went well? You know when it doesn’t go well because those are usually short and there’s loooonnnnnggg gaps of silence, and a lot of the time you have no rapport with your interviewer. Other times you go in ready for a good interview only to be told straight off the bat by the interviewer that he has only 6 minutes, so your thought out response is “you manage your time well.” Then it’s downhill from there you anxiously trying to answer the questions before the buzzer sounds.

Other interviews start off on the wrong foot from the time you park your car. I made the assumption that the building had a parking lot only to find it was metered parking and all I had was a dime. Needless to say it was quite embarrassing calling to ask if the receptionist had any change. Miraculously, once in a while you have those awesome interviews where the conversation is flowing and the next thing you know you need parking validation for two hours.

Regardless of the faux pas you made, the so-so interview or the amazing rapport you get a rejection email or *crickets*. Then you wake up and it’s ground hog day once more.


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