140 Conference

I had the opportunity to attend one day of the two day 140conf last week. While there were some good panels I spent half my time listening in on the various panels and the other half walking around meeting tweeps who I then followed online, and catching up with tweeps I already know. The conference was a good opportunity to engage with people who share your love for twitter but are in a completely different industry. I had dinner with a group of health industry professionals (day 2 panel @8:30am), earlier in the day I almost electrocuted a group of graphic designers/filmmakers/&others while trying to recharge my android.

It was also fun checking out the companies at their booths. Kodak and RS Hotel were video taping conference attendees. I decided to forget about my fear of being on camera and just do it.  Kodak was asking “What makes you Smile” and RS Hotel was asking “What does it mean to be a character @ #140conf” While you can probably see how nervous I was it was a lot of fun and I am glad I did it.

The 2nd day of the conference I did not have a chance to attend but did stop by after the conference for one of the parties and joined a couple new and old friends for dinner.  Twitter is a social media tool, but in the end the social aspect of it is the most important – online and offline.


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