it’s a new day

Six days into the new year and I have no new goals. I have not had much of a chance to really think about what I want to accomplish this year, besides the usual – eat more local, organic, etc, exercise more, and have a more positive impact on society. Over the next couple days I will take time to think about what I want to accomplish, knowing that some goals will be accomplished others will not and some things I never ever imagined will be accomplished. I do hope that this year has as many (& more) positive surprises as last year. Cheers to the New Decade!

2 Responses to “it’s a new day”
  1. It was nice chatting with you about unemployment and the possibilities it opens up. Hope to hang out with you soon!

  2. Roberta Romero says:

    Good catching up and conversation. Definitely look forward to future meetings!

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