Intro to Design & Usability Week 4: Wireframe

The assignment for week 4: create a wireframe (website or mobile) and include the following – intent of site and content (found via Creative Commons).

There are several web based tools to help you create your wireframe and here is a list of 10 tools that our instructor provided.  I decided to use Cacoo to creat my wireframe.

Please click here to view my wireframe (this is my 1st).

Below is the description.

About a month ago I received a fix it ticket, one of my back lights had gone off.  I thought how helpful having an app with all the info would be.  While they do give you a paper tix all the info on where to go is so tiny on that and even the link to the website is hidden on the back and at the bottom of the ticket

The widgets all come from the list on this page.

You will see the following on the App

Location Page: Background Image 1, it would almost be translucent (found via CC)

  • Your GPS will automatically list the closest city that provides these services or you can enter another location in the event you live in Burbank but received a ticket in the Santa Barbara while you were on weekend trip.

Main Widget Page: Traffic light from Background Image 1 would be used to replace the Google logo within Search Box

Essentially the App would allow you to:

  • pay tix online (using paypal/square/cc)
  • sign up for traffic school (one way to monetize would be to charge traffic schools a fee to be listed, this would allow the app to be free to users)
  • reserve a court date
  • view your courthouse as well as open up google maps to display exact location
  • Translator would allow the info to be translated to any language if needed
  • Be able to search for specific topic via the search box

Our final projects will expand on this particular project or another.  I enjoyed creating the mobile app more for the fun and practice, my final project will updating this particular site.  I look for to the challenge and changes.


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