Intro to Web Design & Usability Week 5: Final Project

For the final project it was opened ended and you could work on your own website to redesign or a work project. I decided to customize a little bit of my own site, since I use a theme the 1st order of business was changing to a more clean and easy to navigate theme.

Customized items:

  • home page: color for my name
  • welcome message: color & italics
  • about section: color & italics
  • connect section: hyperlinked twitter & linkedin images

After completing the project I realized how much more work needs to be put into the site. At this point I could finish the HTML with CSS & XHTML book I started reading or ask someone to design it. I’ll leave it open.

I found the course extremely helpful and informative. Our instructor B. Maura Townsend is extremely knowledgeable, patient and helpful. I highly recommend the course and P2PU School of Webcraft.

We are part of the pilot badge program, going forward everyone who completes a course will receive a badge.  This is the cool Team Player badge I got for completing the course.

Team Player Badge

Intro to Design & Usability Course Completed


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