Why I want to study HTML & CSS from the beginning

Why do you want do this course?
Oddly enough it was because of the Intro to Design and Usability course that I sought out the HTML & CSS course.  I took the Design and Usability course and found that having a better understanding and being able to use HTML and CSS would augment the work I do for others and myself.

What you expect to learn?
My expectations for the course are to gain an understanding of what HTML and CSS is and is not.  When to use each and when not to.  Why we should utilize one over the other or both, or maybe neither.  What other alternatives can be used.  Obviously, being able to code and feel comfortable coding.

Why did you give yourself the marks you did in task 2?
In my eyes I am a complete novice, there were a few that I gave a high mark but those are basic items or the thirst to learn, but I really feel I have a lot to learn.

What do you already know?
I know HTML basics such as: hyperlinks, bold, italics, new paragraph.  I also know I can easily find basic HTML online if I do not know it.

What makes you happy?
Friends & Family

What are you passionate about?

2 Responses to “Why I want to study HTML & CSS from the beginning”
  1. Hello! I am in your group for the HTML class. I also know the very basics, I work with them at work on a daily basis but I would like to get more creative 😀 I look forward to working with you!

  2. Roberta Romero says:

    definitely look forward to working together throughout the course!

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