2nd CicLAvia 041011

My body aches, I am sunburned and I wouldn’t trade this for anything else.  My friend, Steve La and I decided to borrow bikes from family and friend (thx Marino!) to participate in the 2nd Annual CicLAvia.  I volunteered and walked part of the 1st CicLAvia, you can check out my photos here.

Every post I have read and news story I have watched has nothing but accolades.  You can follow @CicLAvia they are RT-ing many of these posts.  An estimated 130,000 people participated whether it was by bike, wheelchair, unicycle, foot, tricycle.  Smiling faces, people waving, bells ringing, laughing.  At red lights people looked and talked to you.  You serendipitously ran into friends while riding.  Everyone was watching out for one another.

Driving home from the Metro yesterday afternoon I felt so disconnected from the city.  Being carless in LA, whether biking, walking or taking public transportation definitely gives you a different perspective.  With gas prices as high as they are even with a hybrid it’s still expensive, the option to bike more often is becoming more attractive not only for my wallet but for my health.

I look forward to the next CicLAvia!

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  1. […] For the 2nd CicLAvia my friend and I both borrowed bikes and did the whole route, Hel-Mel to Hollenbeck Park and back (roughly 14miles).  I thought I would not get a chance to see many of my friends because I was on the bike, but did run into quite a few on and off the bike.  Luckily got a chance to run into the friend who lent me his bike.  Photos from that set can be found here and the blog post here. […]

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