HTML & CSS Week 3: Dropbox Test

Part of this week’s assignment is sharing/storing files in Dropbox an alternative to FTP/SFTP/SSH to upload files.

Revisiting the Hello World doc from Week 1.

Click here to view in Dropbox.

8 Responses to “HTML & CSS Week 3: Dropbox Test”
  1. Jamie Curle says:

    Glad you’ve got the hang of Dropbox – it’s a really great way to store files and it also makes a cheeky quick web host. Try saving your file as helloworld.html and you’ll noticed that you can view it in a browser.

    It’s unusual to see tags written in uppercase, but it is valid none the less, so if this is your ‘style’ then stay with it. But if you want to give your shift/caps lock key a break , feel free to write the tags in lower case : )

    Just be careful with the case of the doctype – it can be in uppercase ( preferred ) or lowercase, but I’m not entirely sure about mixed case.

    It’s great to see you’re developing a style; makes me very happy : )

  2. ejoey says:

    Hi, I am introducing myself Roberta, I am in your new group 3. nice to meet you.

  3. Roberta Romero says:

    Jamie, thanks for the suggestion on saving the doc as .html Guess the upper case is my style didn’t really think about that. I feel so behind in the class actually not even sure if I should continue. I know I am about a week or two behind everyone.

    Thanks for commenting and introducing yourself, Joey. Look forward to checking out your blog!

    • Jamie Curle says:

      Please do continue I can assure you that you’re not as far behind as you think you are.

      Most of the work in week three was just re-iterated in week four because many people hadn’t completed it, so don’t worry about being behind.



      • Roberta Romero says:

        Jamie, thank you for letting me know. Will work on it in the morning. Late in the States now.

  4. terrytek says:

    Hi Roberta–I am in the “new” group 3 for our HTML/CSS course. Looking forward to viewing your stuff for weeks 3 and 4. Hope you will visit me at


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