HTML & CSS: the end for the time being


I have not posted any new assignments for my HTML course because our instructor has ended the class.  For those that know HTML and can recall the days they first delved into it there is a lot to learn.  The reasons that he ended the class a bit earlier are all valid and I definitely can see the bright side to ending at this point, at least for me personally.

The downtime between now and the next course is that I can go back and review what I have learned so far.  I can focus on those assignments I am still a bit rusty on.  This gives me a breather so that everything sinks in instead of rushing from assignment to assignment.

I look forward to the upcoming course.

3 Responses to “HTML & CSS: the end for the time being”
  1. ejoey says:

    I have a different take on it, he had since April to do this and slacked off, we talked backed than. What angers me is it just is another betrayal, I am sure it sounds nuts but it is just that, another betrayal, obviously a long story. Want to know, I can tell, but I say use the time we have left to perform surprises:)

    I want you to subscribe to my blog, it will help me- something inspiring. I got almost nothing look up to, or win. I had it all, real nice. all gone. I will be the most improved, and if I have just one person reading, it would just fire me up! Please consider, thanks, and thanks for your comments. I”m about a hermit, not by choice, it’s just the way the cards landed. BTW, not mentally ill, but I’m sure it sounds weird, sorry:)

    Subscribe if you want to go places, I am a big thinker.


  2. Roberta Romero says:


    I actually missed some of the discussion that happened early on in the course, I heard about it after the fact (not the actual facts) I was too absorbed trying to do the work and keep up.

    No worries you probably got to discuss/debate early on and now even with that probably feels like a let down. To be honest did not feel as involved with this course as I did with the previous P2PU course I took. I only really was involved reading our groups posts and mostly you and Terry’s I attempted to follow everyone else but they didn’t always cross post either so would forget they were in the group.

    I am signed up to receive notifications of new posts you have so will keep looking when you do new posts!

    Good luck!

    • ejoey says:

      I appreciate that, I’ll be writing soon. I have been studying but not writing, hopefully the posts lead to good things.

      Again, thanks, it makes it a little easier, we crave some kind of recognition, just how life is, especially for an ENFJ personality type 🙂

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