Adventure Friday: Thrift Store Shopping in Burbank

Last night was Fashion Night Out in LA.  I opted out this year since I can’t really afford to go shopping and while boozing  & shopping is fun, too many inebriated people in a small store is just asking for trouble (I went to last year’s FNOLA so talking from experience).

Realized this morning I have a wedding to attend this weekend.  I had a closet full of clothes but it has been pared down from various Spring cleanings, clothing swaps and such.  While I do have some great outfits, they are either better for colder weather or hot weather or drinking a zombie in a tiki bar.

Thrift stores are not what they used to be.  They are few and far between, the good ones at least.  I opted to go to one of my favorites:  American Way in Burbank.  There’s free parking and a good selection.

Halloween Costumes

I entered the first section and noticed not only did the dress section include the random assortment of bridal gowns and summer dresses but there were some fairy tale-esque dresses and pumpkin outfits.  Never too early to get your Halloween Costume.  And if you don’t find it at American Way you can go down the street to It’s A Wrap.

After Rummaging through oodles and oodles of dresses I picked a few to try on.  Beware this thrift store has no dressing room, so dress appropriately and for me that means leggings and a tank top.  You can easily try on anything the less you have on and the easier it is to pull on things over your clothing.

I tried on these lovely dresses all under $10 and if you scroll down the American Way homepage you will find coupons and the days they have specials.  My total was $3.99 and as we speak the dress is being washed.

Please share in the comments some of your best thrift store finds and your fav thrift stores?


8 Responses to “Adventure Friday: Thrift Store Shopping in Burbank”
  1. dapperdolly says:

    Really nice assortment of clothes there.

  2. gwynf says:

    Dr.S’d be proud of ya

  3. If you want thrift, I can SHOW you thrifting sometime. Most of my wardrobe that isn’t from my grandmother comes from thrift finds. Glad you were able to snag some good pieces!

    • Roberta Romero says:

      That sounds fun let’s go thrift shopping will contact you…awesome! How cool that you got your grandma’s wardrobe.

  4. shelbslynns says:

    My favorite thrift store is a local one called Community Aid. I have found some of the most unique pieces! Their 50% Wednesday sales are killer too.

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