Roller Skating CicLAvia on 10/09/2011

Roller Skates

This is the 3rd CicLAvia I attended.  The 1st one I volunteered at Hel-Mel in the morning then took the metro to MacArthur Park and walked from there to 7th Street Metro.  Took some photos along the way, you can find those here.

For the 2nd CicLAvia my friend and I both borrowed bikes and did the whole route, Hel Mel to Hollenbeck Park and back (roughly 14miles).  I thought I would not get a chance to see many of my friends because I was on the bike, but did run into quite a few on and off the bike.  Luckily got a chance to run into the friend who lent me his bike.  Photos from that set can be found here and the blog post here.

Now I have a bike but it needs some major repairs, which I cannot afford at this time, so I decided to roller skate.  Going in I knew I would skate a shorter distance at a slower pace.  I never realized how much more time it takes to skate on a street.  Some friends and I started at MacArthur Park, they were all on bikes.  Let’s just say I lost them within the first 5 minutes.  I will admit I have not been as diligent with my work out routine, a bit of hot hula here, some weights there, but nothing consistent.

One of my thoughts as I skated was, hmm it would be faster running this, as I saw a few runners pass me by.  Roller skates were made for smoother surfaces thats for sure.  There were a couple of times I literally ate it as I was standing and just taking photos.  A nice man helped me up and looked really worried, I assured him the fall was worse than it looked.  I did get a few compliments mostly from kids about my cool skates, old school.

Luckily, my skating gave my friends time to take a break as they waited for me.  At my stop City Hall I got a chance to eat a nice cold paleta while checking out Occupy LA.  Friends and I spent some time refueling and chatting.  A few photos from Sundays CicLAvia are here.

I am really happy I was able to try all those modes of transportation at CicLAvia and for the next one in April I’ll be sure to have my bike fixed.

Save the Date it’s on April 15, 2012 (Tax Day)


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