Appreciative List

On this day of Thanks we usually gather around the table and announce what we are thankful for. We tend to save all this for Thanksgiving and the Holiday season and do not put too much thought during the rest of the year, me included.

During the Fall of 2007 I took Jeremy Hunter’s Practice of Self Management Class, you can read a bit about the class here.  One of the exercises was creating an appreciative list every day for about  2 or 3 weeks; list 10 people/experiences/etc we appreciated and we could not repeat ourselves over the course of this project.  In addition, to this each class member was meditating 3 times a week or more and reading about findings in neuroscience.

For someone like myself who lost my job of almost 7 years the week before class started, was hit head on the day the Practice of Self Management started, photo here, I was definitely a good candiate for this class.  If you had told me that those two would pale in comparison to what happened over the course of the next year, I think I would have just wanted to crawl into a cave and not come out.   Look for a movie and/or book in the future regarding what happened the following year, truth is definitely stranger than fiction.  The class helped me immensely in preparing me to deal with life in a different way than I had been before.  This exercise along with the many others really cemented all that I was learning.

Here is my list for today:

  1. Quality time with family and friends
  2. The many years we celebrate with my Thanksgiving Dog, yes got him over a Thanksgiving weekend, & his brother.
  3. The ability to walk from point A to point B
  4. The sense of smell that will be overstimulated today with the wonderful smells
  5. Smiles from family and friends
  6. Hugs from family and friends
  7. My laptop that has seen me pen so much writing
  8. The people I have had the opportunity to meet this past year
  9. Learning everyday
  10. Falling and continuing to get back up

Happy Thanksgiving!

2 Responses to “Appreciative List”
  1. DIESEL says:

    Meditation is such a powerful practice. It can lead to spiritual, physical and mental benefits. It is amazing how many of us simply don’t meditate because we think it is weird. We should all open our minds and realize this can be one of the most beneficial things we can do for ourselves and it is completely free to do at any time!

    Great post! 🙂

    If you are interested I have some articles regarding meditation in my blogging community I have developed.

    Check it out if you are interested!

    Cheers! 🙂

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