Change and Exercise

We are three days into the New Year and over the last few days have been seeing people posting their resolutions online or talking about a change they want to make.  A friend was talking about how he needs a change in his exercise routine.  Hiking no longer provides the natural high it previously did.

I could completely relate to his ennui to hiking.  About a decade ago I was a runner, trained and completed a marathon, and kept running post my marathon days.  I loved running solo, with friends, on trails, on hills and then one day I was over it.  The runner’s high was gone.  I gave running a break to see if a short absence would help, but after quite a few trials of this I never again got the same feeling.

Eventually, I found yoga, hiking, cycling, and swimming gave me the highs I used to get when running, during my training days those exercises were what I did when not running.  The process of finding the right ones for me was a long one, I tried a few yoga studios, hiking companions, and indoor vs outdoor swimming/cycling (outdoor always wins) and tried other forms of exercise – crossfit, burlesque, etc.  While both swimming and  (recreational) cycling are my less frequent forms of exercise they are just as important to me as hiking and yoga.  There were times when I completely gave up on exercise and cultivated hobbies that were less physical – thrifting, reading, etc.

My friend is opting to try a few different forms of exercise along with cultivating other hobbies that do not involve physical exertion.  I hope he finds what is right for him.  Hope you do too.

2000 Chicago Marathon


3 Responses to “Change and Exercise”
  1. gwynf says:

    I was not aware of your 26.2 mile running prowess. Am well impressed. Yet to find anything approaching an exercise high

    • Roberta Romero says:

      Thank you, Gwyn, 26.2 miles was hard work and fun. The exercise high as I mentioned in the post comes from trying quite a few things until you find one that does it for you….like anything in life lots of experimenting with hobbies, jobs, etc until you find the right one.

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