Underemployed & Exercise

My last post was Change and Exercise but this one is a bit different from that.  Over the last few years I’ve had contract jobs, part time jobs and just been underemployed like many other people.  It has been a yo-yo life for the last few years.  I have learned & relearned a few things over that time.  A few things have come to light over this period, especially the importance of physical activity.

As this article in Live Science attests “The conceptualization of time in terms of money primarily emerged as a product of the Industrial Revolution…”  We are so attuned to hard work that attaining happiness during leisure activities can make one feel “..more impatient and received less enjoyment from leisurely activities…”

During most of my working life leisure activities came as an after thought.  Exercise was only important if I was training for a race or if the employer had onsite group exercise (Thanks, Mahalo/ThisWeekIn).  During my time at EarthLink I had gym membership but rarely went to the gym.

At EarthLink the nature of my specific role had me answering email, texts, or testing products at any given time during the day or night.  While there were leisure activities sponsored by my workplace – Happy Hours, Project Dinners, etc – they were still work related.

Once work and the social (work) life was gone I had to find things to do.  By things I thought being productive, hard working.  I started to volunteer here and there, and that soon felt like a job (I was making it that), instead of something fun, so I was back to square one.

Eventually, I added yoga to my weekly underemployed life.  In addition to being good exercise yoga also has the meditative quality to still the mind.  I practicing mindfulness meditation but the physical aspect was missing.  Eventually, I was able to add a bit more cardio into my exercise routine.

Personally, I felt the balance of the yoga, meditation, and cardio helped to motivate me to do more and consciously try new things and take more risks.  Prior to that my life felt a bit stagnant for awhile.

A few weeks back a friend who just recently became underemployed asked about advice on how to keep busy.  I suggested volunteering, exercise, and meditation, not in any particular order.  These are all leisure activities.  Common sense tells me she knows how to look for a job and know she is doing that on her own.

As much as we celebrate work finding time to do those things that makes us happy and keep us healthy has as much value.

4 Responses to “Underemployed & Exercise”
  1. cerulean74 says:

    i agree with your closing statement. as i head back to work in two weeks i need to strike a balance between work and doing things that keep me healthy and happy. it is far too easy for me to spend all my time being consumed with work, that i don’t use my free time to take care of myself. it is all about balance.

  2. Love this post, Roberta! Just reading it now… a year late!

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