Four Generations

The summer before my senior year in college my parents decided to take me on a trip to El Salvador.  They were born there, I was born there and we still had family there.  I was not too excited about having to spend a summer away from friends in a place as humid or more humid than Houston (I spent a few weeks there).  The start of the trip was tumultuous and disorienting.  I got Montezuma’s Revenge the first night and got pretty much bitten by every mosquito in the country.  Hello developing nation.

The majority of the trip was spent visiting relatives & friends of the family I had never met, well they remember me as a very young child, but we moved to LA when I was very young so I had no recollection of them.  My great grandmother, who was in her late 80s at that point was one of the relatives I found very fascinating.  She was feisty and happy and full of love & life.  She just passed away at the age of 105.  Because of work I did not attend her 100th birthday, and sadly that is one party I wish I had attended.  I was considering visiting for her upcoming birthday, she and I share the same birthday month, and now it will not happen.

I know she lived a full life and had all her senses to the very end.  She was surrounded by a loving family, friends, and community.  I know that no matter what she will live on in her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren.  ❤

4 generations

Me, My Mom, My Grandma, My Great Grandma


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