Avoidance of Art

In elementary school I used to get bad grades and thinking back my drawings were more reminiscent of Basquiat, so my teacher must not have liked Basquiat.  I was able to avoid creating my own art in junior high by taking yearbook.  In high school due to my academic schedule I had to take art and again my grades were not great.  In college I opted for an art history course for my arts requirement.

My art was relegated to my eyes only and there’s drawings I recently found.  (I will say I have been art in J Michael Walker’s Bodies Mapping Time Project)  A few years ago an artist friend had a friend had a few of us over and I created this little painting.  It was a very cathartic experience having just left a toxic environment.

I continue to doodle and shared with a friend that one day I’ll write and illustrate a children’s book (possible character).  At this point I owe too much on my MBA so getting an MFA is out.  I looked at other options and found out about Crash Course for Creativity (MOOC through Stanford Online/Venture Lab).

The class was worthwhile and loved using my creative side.  I appreciated the individual and group assignments.  The class definitely took me out of my comfort zone.  I am taking the upcoming course Design Thinking.  Around the time that I was in the midst of Crash Course for Creativity I attended a friend’s (Kelly Thompson’s site under construction) group show at Cella Gallery.  Kelly mentioned she was curating an upcoming group show for emerging artists. Sometimes I don’t think things through and I said I would love to be a part of her group art show.

Tunnel Rats. A Skateboard Art Show

Kelly Thompson and Alex Larin Baranda gathered an amazingly talented group of artists for  Tunnel Rats. A Skateboard Art Show (KPCC story on the Tunnel).  I was in awe of the talent and very humbled that I was even part of the show. My own piece was very simple compared to everyone in the show.

Farah Fawcett by Kelly Thompson

Deck by Marjan Vayghan

I had been carrying a sketchbook and drawing and doodling and I finally sensed what I was to create on my skateboard deck (donated).  When I bought art supplies everything changed from the original color I was to use to the design. And below you can see the finished product you can hang it vertically or horizontally.  The inspiration came from the infinity symbol, the number 8 and two words: peace and love.

The last two years a word has become the theme of my year.  Last year it was Peace and this year it is Love.  I don’t choose the word the word chooses me.  This quote personifies it very well “I don’t create characters they create themselves. I just draw them” – Gary Baseman

I am at a point where my life could go in any direction.  Being part of this group art show could be the last time or the 1st of many.  Just like I did with the art I created I release and let go.

Roberta Romero 8xInfinity


2 Responses to “Avoidance of Art”
  1. Clara Berta says:

    Love that you are experimenting with new ways to be creative! Way to go GIRL! Loved working with you in our mixed media painting class!

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  1. […] year at about this time I took Crash Course on Creativity, I mentioned it in Avoidance of Art. This year the class is Creativity: Music to My Ears also taught by Tina […]

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