Meditation for Life


Noticed over the last few weeks a few friends have been in car accidents or have been having back issues.  Got me thinking about what happened almost 6 years ago.

Living in LA most of my life I have been in several car accidents (none my fault), most minor.  About 6 years ago on a sunny summer morning close to home I was in a head on collision.  I was going slower than the speed limit and the guy who hit me was going fast.  He decided to turn left in front of me…the whole incident happened so quickly and also in slow motion.

I was lucky that my car’s airbags went off just a few burns, my sunglasses knocked off, and whiplash.  I got out of my car and in my immediate state all I could do was curse the guy out… finally I asked him if he was ok, he mentioned his teeth hurt.  I looked at our cars and seemed his older BMW took the brunt of impact and his engine got stuck underneath my car.  See photos from accident here.  I was super lucky my Mazda was so safe.

A bit of background.  The week prior to the car accident I, along with 900 others, was laid off from my job.  I had been there close to 7 years.  A car accident after that was the last thing I wanted to deal with.  I decided to call a friend, Nathaniel Marston, who happens to be a lawyer and asked if he could take my case and he agreed (I highly recommend him).

Due to the impact my car would not start and the BMW was stuck underneath my car.  I was able to get my car towed to the dealership’s body shop and I got a ride to the rental car place.  Thinking back I was in shock and just needed to get a car so I could get to my class.  It was the first week of my 2nd semester at Claremont and luckily I just had to get from my home to my friend’s so we could carpool.  I also felt that if I decided to not drive at all I would just be fearful of driving, so I willed myself to do it and the shock of everything didn’t really give me a chance to think too much.

That night I attended the 1st class for Practice of Self Management taught by Jeremy Hunter.  Most of it was a blur except we meditated in class.  As part of the course we meditated in class and outside of class, and kept a report on it.  I had been interested in meditation back in the late 90s and went to a few group sessions but it never stuck.  This time around the Mindfulness Meditation was exactly what I needed along with everything else I learned in Practice of Self Management.

My physical therapist, Robert Louie, was amazing and his staff at AOR was so helpful.  He was very surprised at the progress I made and how quickly I was recuperating from the whiplash.  When I shared that I was meditating 3 times a week he attributed the quick recovery to both the physical therapy and meditation.

The car accident was minor compared to many events that transcended over the next year.  Because of legal issues I cannot really get into what occurred and who was involved.  Needless to say lawyers, police, public entities, false accusations and just a lot of stress.  While all this was not directed at me it was directed at someone within my family and I was the one who looked for the lawyers, scheduled meetings, etc.

The meditation practice really helped me to stay centered, present and sane.  I was lucky to have professors, administration that helped me to get through my year at Drucker.  I was lucky to have friends and family that were very supportive and helped to distract me from the stressful situation.

Even with that I decided to recharge my batteries and attend a weekend retreat.  Deer Park Monastery is beautiful, serene and the perfect place for a retreat.  I took a few photos before having to say goodbye to all my cellphone, laptop, etc.

Life went on after that.  There have been many ups and downs.  Graduating with an MBA, mediation with the neighbors, new jobs, toxic job environments, travel, life.  I still practice mindfulness mediation along with kundalini yoga.


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