June Open Warehouse Sale at Epicure

welcome signI was at a birthday party when the host aka foodie friend shared some duck with a group of us. We all asked where he got it. His friend owns a local restaurant and raved about the food at Epicure Imports. She said that Epicure sells food to restaurants and opens to the public a few times a year.

Yes, I Googled Epicure found the info and signed up for their mailing list. Within a few days I  received an email letting me know that they would be Open to the Public over Mother’s Day weekend.

I had no plan as to what I would get or anything. I had a budget and that’s about it. I got to Epicure which is deep in the heart of North Hollywood (further North of the NoHo Arts District) in an where all you see are warehouses and a Home Depot.

Truffle PerlageIt literally is a Warehouse. My GPS told me where to go so I parked amongst a bunch of other cars, it was the only lot on that street that was busy. I literally got there about 30 minutes before they closed. As you enter you walk through the cheese section. Pretty much all the samples were gone but I did grab one cheese that was wrapped in leaves, the presentation was amazing. I was able to sample a few items like Perlage di tartufo (vegan caviar) and lots of chocolate. I decided on the Dulcey Crunchy Pearls for $3.

I also bought some delicious cookies for a $1 a fellow customer recommended the cookies. I bought a gift for a friend’s birthday. The only item I still have left is a delicious Lavender infused Olive Oil. I have sprinkled the olive oil on baby artichokes. I grilled onions and bell peppers in the Lavender infused Olive Oil, it tastes and smells amazing!

The June Open Warehouse Sale will be on Father’s Day weekend. I won’t be able to make it so you should stop by.cheese chocolate cookies


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