Drumroll by Steve McQueen

drumroll stever mcqueenI love the MOCA Pacific Design Center because of its more intimate setting. Currently Steve McQueen’s video installation Drumroll (1998) is playing and also on display are a few photos from his Barrage (1998) series.

I have seen a few of Steve McQueen’s films and met him in 2011. I was curious to see Drumroll (1998). In Drumroll Steve McQueen rolled an oil drum through the streets of NYC in 1998. The the oil drum has 3 holes with a camera in each hole. You walk into a dark room at the MOCA and all 3 videos are playing simultaneously.

The sound of the oil drum is very prominent when you first start watching then the sounds of the city become more prominent. At various points you see a blur of McQueen’s bright top from the center video, and  his reflection in windows from the side videos. The first few minutes feel a bit dizzying then after awhile the complete sequence feels very meditative.

Drumroll is at the MOCA until September 21, 2014.


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