Goodreads Review of California: A Novel

California: A NovelCalifornia: A Novel by Edan Lepucki

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was not sure what to expect other than the story taking place in California. I was able to get a free audio download via the Ford Audiobook Club. Frida and Cal leave LA since LA has nothing to offer…the fires, earthquakes, drought, high gas prices, low wages have created a society that feels unsafe. They drive towards what sounds like Central California and find an abandoned shack out in the middle of nowhere. After a few months they meet the Millers, the only other humans in that area. The Millers themselves are a bit of a mystery to Frida and Cal.

Cal and Frida keep secrets from the Miller. There are secrets that Frida and Cal keep from each other that create tension between them mostly involving Frida’s dead brother, Micah. By the middle of the book there are more deaths, which lead Frida and Cal to finally venture to find others like themselves. The surprise is in WHO they find out there.

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