Free Rain Barrels

California has been in a drought for several years and water conservation is the new normal. This winter we can expect more storms due to El Niño.

El Niño will not save us from the drought, so to conserve water I got a Free Rain Barrel for the lemon and orange trees. The City of Los Angeles and Keep Los Angeles Beautiful in partnership with Coca-Cola are giving away Rain Barrels to LA City Residents. The 55-gallon rain barrels were Coca-Cola syrup barrels in their previous life hence the sweet syrupy smell.

rain barrels lavcc

Rain Barrel Distribution at LA Valley College

You can receive one rain barrel per household by signing up for a workshop, info here (they will probably have more workshops next year). Prior to attending the workshop you will be asked to choose between 2 rain barrels. You can attach your rain barrel to the downspout or choose the colander rain barrel (does not require installation).

I opted for the rain barrel that you attach to the downspout. The video walks you through installation and the installation should take about 30 minutes, as long as you have all the tools and know what you are doing and/or know someone who does.

Once the workshop is complete you can pick up your rain barrel + installation kit and/or ask additional questions. The rain barrel fit in my Prius with the backseats folded down.

Rain Barrel Installation Kit

Rain Barrel Installation Kit

The prep work for the installation took about 30 minutes because my dad had to do some hacks, mostly related to adjusting the installation kit items to fit the tools he has. The installation process took my dad about half and hour or less.

Luckily, LA had a few rain storms over the last week and as you can see from the photo the rain barrel is already filling up with non-potable water. I would highly recommend getting a rain barrel for your home.

rain barrel

Water from Recent Rain Storms



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