Creativity Music to My Ears Final Project

Last week I completed my last assignment for Creativity Music to My Ears. I really enjoyed it. I love music all kinds – indie, rap, hip hop, punk, etc. I was named after Roberta Flack, so maybe that has something to do with my love for music. The last assignment was a bit more introspective. … Continue reading

Creativity: Music to My Ears

Last year at about this time I took Crash Course on Creativity, I mentioned it in Avoidance of Art. This year the class is Creativity: Music to My Ears also taught by Tina Seelig. A few reasons why I decided to take this class. I love music. I attend quite a few concerts throughout the … Continue reading

Meditation for Life

Noticed over the last few weeks a few friends have been in car accidents or have been having back issues.  Got me thinking about what happened almost 6 years ago. Living in LA most of my life I have been in several car accidents (none my fault), most minor.  About 6 years ago on a … Continue reading

HTML & CSS Week 2: The World as 1 Big HTML Document

One of the assignments this week is to see the world as one big HTML document. Here is my list as represented by orchids. A new Paragraph A heading or two.

HTML & CSS Week 1: Hello World

1st assignment for Intro to HTML & CSS class write the code photographed below until you know it from memory.  Fun times.

Why I want to study HTML & CSS from the beginning

Why do you want do this course? Oddly enough it was because of the Intro to Design and Usability course that I sought out the HTML & CSS course.  I took the Design and Usability course and found that having a better understanding and being able to use HTML and CSS would augment the work … Continue reading

HTML & CSS from the beginning – week 0

I understand html – 1 I understand the concepts behind HTML – 2 I understand how to view the source of web pages -7 I understand how to structure a HTML document correctly – 1 I understand the anatomy of a html tag – 6 I understand how to use the right tag for the … Continue reading

Intro to Web Design & Usability Week 5: Final Project

For the final project it was opened ended and you could work on your own website to redesign or a work project. I decided to customize a little bit of my own site, since I use a theme the 1st order of business was changing to a more clean and easy to navigate theme. Customized … Continue reading

Intro to Design & Usability Week 4: Wireframe

The assignment for week 4: create a wireframe (website or mobile) and include the following – intent of site and content (found via Creative Commons). There are several web based tools to help you create your wireframe and here is a list of 10 tools that our instructor provided.  I decided to use Cacoo to … Continue reading

week 3: intro to design and usability

A bit of background since I am starting at week 3 and did not write about the previous weeks. I am halfway through my Intro to Design and Usability course at Peer 2 Peer University (P2PU). P2PU “is an open community that enables learning with and from each other” all the courses are free and … Continue reading