Creativity Music to My Ears Final Project

Last week I completed my last assignment for Creativity Music to My Ears. I really enjoyed it. I love music all kinds – indie, rap, hip hop, punk, etc. I was named after Roberta Flack, so maybe that has something to do with my love for music. The last assignment was a bit more introspective. … Continue reading

Creativity: Music to My Ears

Last year at about this time I took Crash Course on Creativity, I mentioned it in Avoidance of Art. This year the class is Creativity: Music to My Ears also taught by Tina Seelig. A few reasons why I decided to take this class. I love music. I attend quite a few concerts throughout the … Continue reading

Hollywood Bowl Rehearsals Open to Public

The majority of my life I have lived in LA and I had never attended a rehearsal at the Bowl until last week.  My friend, David, suggested we go to the Bowl and watch the LA Phil rehearse. Thursday morning we drove to the Bowl with our coffee and donut in hand…a bit odd to be going … Continue reading