HTML & CSS: the end for the time being

I have not posted any new assignments for my HTML course because our instructor has ended the class.  For those that know HTML and can recall the days they first delved into it there is a lot to learn.  The reasons that he ended the class a bit earlier are all valid and I definitely … Continue reading

HTML & CSS Week 3: Reflection on Marking up the World Around You – Part 2 (Revised)

Had quite the time completing this exercise.  I will say life got in the way with a bit of procrastination.  <div> tags are a bit of a learning curve, the first time around I omitted to close them, oops.  I left spaces in the div id tags…my code was a mess.  As the course goes … Continue reading

HTML & CSS Week 3: Marking Up The World Around You – Part 2 (Revised)

Classmates provided some good feedback on my 1st attempt and I went back in and updated the photo with tags and the html file, which you can find here. I omitted closing the </div> tags in the previous post.  I made sure my ids had no spaces <div id=”idshavenospaces>.  Please click on the photo below … Continue reading

HTML & CSS Week 3: Marking Up The World Around You – Part 2

Looking at the other students’ post for this week I can already tell I will need to do a few iterations.  Here is iteration 1.  You can find the file in dropbox by clicking on this link.  I am still perplexed by this week’s lesson and I just don’t really understand why you need to … Continue reading

HTML & CSS Week 3: Dropbox Test

Part of this week’s assignment is sharing/storing files in Dropbox an alternative to FTP/SFTP/SSH to upload files. Revisiting the Hello World doc from Week 1. Click here to view in Dropbox.

HTML & CSS Week 2: Anatomy of HTML Tags & Reflection

I decided to combine the anatomy of HTML Tags with my Reflection for week 2. Curious to check out my classmates’ projects.

HTML & CSS Week 2: The World as 1 Big HTML Document

One of the assignments this week is to see the world as one big HTML document. Here is my list as represented by orchids. A new Paragraph A heading or two.

HTML & CSS: Week 1 Reflection

I still feel like I am rusty with this 1st assignment, even though I can write it out.  Maybe it’s the newness of it all.  Looking at some of the source code on various websites was interesting.  Some were really clean, some seemed jumbled, and others were code that I was overwhelmed by.  Lots to … Continue reading

HTML & CSS Week 1: Hello World

1st assignment for Intro to HTML & CSS class write the code photographed below until you know it from memory.  Fun times.

Why I want to study HTML & CSS from the beginning

Why do you want do this course? Oddly enough it was because of the Intro to Design and Usability course that I sought out the HTML & CSS course.  I took the Design and Usability course and found that having a better understanding and being able to use HTML and CSS would augment the work … Continue reading