Underemployed & Exercise

My last post was Change and Exercise but this one is a bit different from that.  Over the last few years I’ve had contract jobs, part time jobs and just been underemployed like many other people.  It has been a yo-yo life for the last few years.  I have learned & relearned a few things … Continue reading


employed at This Week In! The company received a round of Angel investment in May and some good press – Techcrunch, LA Times, Tubefilter and official Press Release.  Way too busy to keep up with this blog at this time, but looking to set aside some time to write.

down time

not much to write about as far as the job front goes. seems that most people are getting ready for the holidays and it is quieting down in many offices. i am still happily unemployed – spending time being a tourist in my own city, reading, volunteering, spending time with friends. it’s a good time … Continue reading


How can you tell your interview went well? You know when it doesn’t go well because those are usually short and there’s loooonnnnnggg gaps of silence, and a lot of the time you have no rapport with your interviewer. Other times you go in ready for a good interview only to be told straight off … Continue reading

we regret to inform you….

Today I received an email stating that one of the companies I had interviewed with (a lengthy one at that) had hired another applicant.  While it can be disheartening when you have placed a lot of effort into researching the company, interviewing, and following up it is also a relief.  A relief because even though … Continue reading