Free Rain Barrels

California has been in a drought for several years and water conservation is the new normal. This winter we can expect more storms due to El Niño. El Niño will not save us from the drought, so to conserve water I got a Free Rain Barrel for the lemon and orange trees. The City of … Continue reading

Adventure Friday: Detour through Hollywood

A few of my friends and I are in between gigs like many people nowadays.  My friend, David, decided to christen Friday – Adventure Friday. This past Friday we opted to go to the Bowl and see if we could catch Berlin, the B-52s or any of the other bands rehearsing.  We got there only … Continue reading

Hollywood Bowl Rehearsals Open to Public

The majority of my life I have lived in LA and I had never attended a rehearsal at the Bowl until last week.  My friend, David, suggested we go to the Bowl and watch the LA Phil rehearse. Thursday morning we drove to the Bowl with our coffee and donut in hand…a bit odd to be going … Continue reading

time time time

I am lacking many things at this point of my life, but time is not one of them.  How does an unemployed recent grad spend her days, probably doing the same as other unemployed people.  I email resumes, and if I am lucky some of those will garner a phone interview, or even an in … Continue reading


Learning SEO and volunteering