HTML & CSS Week 3: Reflection on Marking up the World Around You – Part 2 (Revised)

Had quite the time completing this exercise.  I will say life got in the way with a bit of procrastination.  <div> tags are a bit of a learning curve, the first time around I omitted to close them, oops.  I left spaces in the div id tags…my code was a mess.  As the course goes … Continue reading

HTML & CSS Week 3: Marking Up The World Around You – Part 2

Looking at the other students’ post for this week I can already tell I will need to do a few iterations.  Here is iteration 1.  You can find the file in dropbox by clicking on this link.  I am still perplexed by this week’s lesson and I just don’t really understand why you need to … Continue reading

HTML & CSS Week 1: Hello World

1st assignment for Intro to HTML & CSS class write the code photographed below until you know it from memory.  Fun times.

Intro to Design & Usability Week 4: Wireframe

The assignment for week 4: create a wireframe (website or mobile) and include the following – intent of site and content (found via Creative Commons). There are several web based tools to help you create your wireframe and here is a list of 10 tools that our instructor provided.  I decided to use Cacoo to … Continue reading

week 3: intro to design and usability

A bit of background since I am starting at week 3 and did not write about the previous weeks. I am halfway through my Intro to Design and Usability course at Peer 2 Peer University (P2PU). P2PU “is an open community that enables learning with and from each other” all the courses are free and … Continue reading